Steel Structure Design, Development & Construction

Structural steel design is an area of structural engineering used to design steel structures. Steel structures are ten times stronger than concrete for the structural construction of a building. The strength of steel in the construction industry is due to the amazing strength of steel. 

Construction is possible very quickly in a way that is not harmful to the environment. 

The uses of steel are much cheaper than concrete and can be easily constructed. Steels are used to construct the tallest buildings. Steels are environmentally friendly, Steel repairs and construction all steel is possible much faster than concrete.

Advanced usage possibilities the use of steel is very popular in the modern world.

Mainly we use structural steels to provide rigidity and high strength to weight ratio.


Steel offers a number of significant advantages relative to other building materials.

  • speed of construction.
  • safety.
  • value for money.
  • robustness and ductility.
  • prefabrication.
  • reduced weight.
  • architectural expression.
  • configuration adaptability.



The services providing Areas include schools, hospitals, commercial areas, bridges etc.

Working on the steel structure in all areas while maintaining all the quality of steel. The temporary building structure will be affordable and reusable to everyone.

Temporary steel structure work can be done if desired. It can be re-installed if it needs to be demolished in any way. 

pre built steel building systems advantages

  • Lightweight, Easy to Construct and Eco-friendly
  • Excellent Quality & Quality Control, Unique Aesthetic Appeal
  • Extensive Choice of Layouts
  • Superior Flexibility in Design and Fabrication
  • Economical Construction
  • Immense Strength, Durability and


  • Easily Transportable and Modular
  • Fire Resistant and Earthquake Resistant
  • Speedy Construction and Implementation

Miscellaneous steel structures

Miscellaneous steel structures are also a part of a structural design. 

The team provides a complete steel package with high quality and guarantee.

miscellaneous steel components such as: Roof Frames, Roof Ladders. In this steel structures including stairs, dock stairs, handrails, curb angles, hangars, ladders, mansard frames, girts, elevator divider beams, other light structural steel.

Architectural steel works

Steel works are also done along with the architecture. It is done in two stages. These works include steel fabrication and installation, stain steel stair and railings, architectural metal works, stainless steel frame partition, residential  architectural steel works.  

 architectural sheet metal roofing

Galvalume steel material is a blend of carbon infused iron which is then coated via a hot-dip process with an alloy of aluminum/zinc/silicon. This produces a product that has a shiny metallic appearance. Galvalume is rust and corrosion resistant due to the plating, but it will inevitably succumb to rust over time.

  • speed of construction.

Steel construction requires 70% fewer working hours than concrete. The rapid work rate means that facilities can be commissioned faster. In addition, savings in materials themselves should also be noted. A steel structure is 30-60% lighter than a similar one made from concrete.

  • safety.

Offsite fabrication of components and rapid on site assembly by skilled personnel make steel an inherently safe construction material. Industry surveys consistently demonstrate that steel is the safest material choice.


  • robustness and ductility.


 Ductility is the ability of a structure or structural member to undergo large plastic deformations without significant loss of load carrying capacity. Why is Ductility Required in Structures ? 5) to assist in providing ‘robustness‘ (the ability to withstand unforeseen local accidents without collapse).


  • prefabrication.


Steel construction utilising a prefabricated structural steel frame can reduce overall building costs by 2 – 3% when compared to reinforced concrete. … Prefabricated steel buildings take advantage of offsite prefabrication to improve the speed or erection and cost predictability of the solution.

  • reduced weight.


Light steel framing comprises galvanised cold-formed C sections of 70mm to 100mm depth in the wall panels, and 150mm to 300mm deep C sections or lattice joists in the floors. Spans of up to 6m can be achieved, which can eliminate internal load-bearing walls and therefore leads to flexibility in internal space planning.


  • architectural expression.

  Steel architecture approaches the customer to build the building capabilities to a customer’s needs. Everything external and internal to the building is done in the most beautiful, simple, and with the highest quality.


  • configuration adaptability.

Given steel is assembled on site, typically with bolted connections, it’s easy to reconfigure steel elements to suit adaption of the building or structure to different purposes. The clear lines of load transfer allow strengthening and retrofitting with straightforward on-site welding.



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